The above graphic took ten minutes to produce. I used a font called Medieval Daze it has a dragon in it dragonfont zipextractcomputerThere are thousands of fonts you can download from . You download the font as a zip file, a compressed file. Recent versions of Windows will allow you to extract the zip file. Right click on the zip file and choose extract all. Once it is extracted go to the extracted file and right click on it and choose install.

If your version of windows doesn’t offer this utility go to download the free Windows file and install it. You can then zip and unzip files.  Zip files are used a lot so it is an essential utility. You can shift click on multiple files like pictures and right click and “Send to” the zip file. DaFont fonts are all free for personal use.

page_downloadYou can download Expression Design here it is easy to use and  is sophisticated as you want it to be. I use it for all my graphical work. It will open most file formats and save them in many different formats including Adobe. Manipulating text is a big feature. It uses vector graphics so resizing is very smooth as can be seen in my manipulation of the font. There are hundreds of swatches to use as fills.

Try it it costs nothing and you will see that it will become your graphics program of choice. Please leave a comment especially if you have any questions.

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